Your Guide to Van Safety Tech, Now and in the Future

How do you picture the future of van technology? Is it driverless or controlled by robots? Does it include jets or drones? Will it involve electric or hydrogen fuel?

To many, the lines between reality and science-fiction have been blurred when it comes to near future and distant future vehicle technology. But while companies like Google are developing driverless technology, it’s unlikely that the logistics and fleet industries will see any of the effects of this for quite some time – if they see any at all.

The reality is that the majority of technology that will be implemented in the coming years will revolve around safety and efficiency – making the roads safer for drivers, while finding ways of cutting costs and becoming more environmentally friendly.

We’ve created a guide to some of the technology that is becoming standard in vans now and might work its way into new vehicles in the next few years.

While this technology will improve fleet safety and efficiency, and is undoubtedly part of the industry’s present and future, it should only be viewed as part of a fleet manager’s overall strategy. There are actions that can be taken now that don’t require you to wait on the technology that car manufacturers develop.

By using telematics, fleet managers and business owners can be proactive in enabling safety and efficiency. Giving drivers real-time information on speeding, fuel consumption and wasted fuel, among other things, can promote responsible driving behaviour. The result – lower costs and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

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