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For mobile businesses, your fleet is integral to your operation: just one break in the supply chain can be devastating. Optimising your on-the-road operations is essential – and this calls for effective fleet management.

Fleet management ‘connects the dots’ between your end customers, your operations and your back office:

  • Your customers rely on the service you provide using arrival times and real-time job status information.
  • Your operations rely on location information and job dispatch functionality to optimise their efficiency.
  • Your back office relies on mileage and working time statistics.

Ultimately, you rely on your fleet management supplier. No one understands this more than TomTom. Every day, more than 20,000 customers entrust 250,000 vehicles to TomTom Business Solutions, benefiting from the most secure, reliable and future-ready fleet management solutions on the market.

To earn and maintain this trust, we are committed to providing:

1. Maximum security and integrity

Information from your staff and your customers needs to be handled with the utmost care and integrity.

We use state-of-the-art security techniques to ensure your valuable data is isolated and secure by:

  1. Securing web access
  2. WEBFLEET®, our web-based service, gives you 24-hour secure access to all your vehicle management and reporting information, from any PC. View your data and reports by accessing your secure online account with your own personal ID and password.

  3. Preventing intrusion
  4. A sophisticated multi-layer architecture, comprising three firewall layers from multiple vendors, prevents unauthorised system access and potential loss of data.

  5. Storing backups offsite
  6. Our backup policies surpass industry stardards, and include both incremental and full backups for all data and configurations. For all business-critical data, we perform regular restore tests to ensure we have valid backups. All backup tapes are stored at a location outside TomTom for optimal security.

2. Continuous availability and reliability

Our world-class data centre design ensures continued operations without service disruption through:

  1. Data centre setup
  2. We run WEBFLEET in two data centres built to the highest industry standards. An active/active setup ensures each data centre can handle the full load without performance degreadtion, while providing full disaster recovery capabilities. The second data centre has ‘n+1′ redundancy for air conditioning and UPS systems. Additionally, emergency power generators ensure operational continuity and permanent oxygen reduction protects against fire damage. The first data centre also has redundancies in air conditioning and UPS systems.

  3. Loading balance
  4. Multiple load-balancing clusters from the market leader enable us to perform system maintenance and updates without customer impact. In the event of a server issue, the load balancer will automatically remove the affected server without service disruption. Load balancing also provides on-demand scalability for all customer-facing services.

  5. Connectivity
  6. Using the ‘multihoming’ technique, we have multiple broadband internet upstream links from different vendors across the data centres to maximise external newtork availability. The data centres are connected by multiple, redundant Gbit connections, thereby enabling the active/active configuration of the infrastructure.

3. 24×7 service and monitoring

Distributed monitoring across our data centres enables approximately 4,000 services to be monitored continuously, 24x7x365. Issues are reported in real time and our system engineers are on call 24×7, ensuring an immediate response. Additionally, we use AlertSite® website performance monitoring technology to monitor all customer-facing systems from a customer perspective. And all system transactions are automatically analytsed on a daily basis to identify opportuniies for improvement.

4. Future-ready systems

We continuously invest in our infrastructure – including our servers, storage and network components – to ensure it’s up to date and capable of handling your current workload, as well as future growth.

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