Privacy – A sensitive issue, handled with care


Both employers and staff often express concerns over the privacy of fleet management systems. Employees don’t like the idea of being monitored when they’re off duty, for example. And employers worry that if new technology is not accepted by the workforce then their investment will be wasted.

Safe data – guaranteed

At the heart of each TomTom WORKsmart™ solution is TomTom WEBFLEET®, our secure online management application. Only the users you authorise can access your account through a secure log-in. From our side, we use the highest possible standard of online security and b\ck-up technology to keep your data safe at all times.

You decide who sees what

Some information andled by WEBFLEET® may be sensitive, such as vehicle locations and individual working hours. With WEBFLEET®, you can restrict the information each user can access on a ‘need to know’ basis. For example, you can determine which vehicles individual users can view, and set restrictions on their reporting rights.
This prevents unauthorised personnel from accessing driver-specific or business-sensitive data.

Be transparent about user rights and restrictions and involve employees or workers’ councils from the start.

Drivers control their own privacy

Your drivers need to know that their private life is just that: private. With our solutions, you can give them all the reassurance they need.
One they’re off duty, drivers can switch to private mode on their TomTom devices. A small icon will appear on the device screen confirming that the GPS locations is not being tracked by the vehicle’s TomTom LINK unit. While the driver’s journey and location are invisible to WEBFLEET®, the trip milage will still be stored as part of the automated logbook function.
If even greater privacy is required, choose the TomTom navigation device* all-in-one solution. Once the driver switches the TomTom navigation device* off, the vehicle can’t be tracked at all.

* GO 9000 / PRO 9100 / PRO 9150

Send your drivers their logbook reports to demonstrate how open you are about the information you hold. They can use the reports as evidence of the private mileage for tax purposes.

We put your drivers first, just like you

While our fleet management solutions will bring transparency to your business operation, the first to feel the benefit will be your drivers. Because all of our solutions are ‘driver centric’, being designed to enhance and improve the driver’s experience. We work hard to make commercial drivers feel safer, less stressed and better supported while their out on the road. So when you choose a TomTom solution, you can reassure your employees that you have their best interests at heart.

It helps to talk

If you still have questions we’d be happy to put you in touch with current customers who had initial concerns about privacy. They’re now benefiting from TomTom solutions with the 100% approval of their employees.

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