Real-time feedback for better, safer driving

Your drivers may be on the road, but they’re still under your care. So how can you help them drive safely when they’re out of sight? And with consideration for your duel bills and the environment?

WEBFLEET OptiDrive™ from TomTom gives you the tools you need to promote safe and efficient driving from the office. Active Driver Feedback also gives your drivers the information they need to take better care of themselves and your vehicles.

Promoting driver safety

Active Driver Feedback promotes safety by presenting live feedback on the driver’s driving style on the TomTom PRO device. Real-time alerts appear on the screen to indicate driving events and fuel-related concerns. These remind the driver to adopt a safer, more fuel-efficient driving style.

Notified driving events
  1. Speeding
  2. Actual fuel consumption, fuel efficiency and trip average
  3. Wasted fuel due to idling
  4. Harsh steering or sudden braking
Quick ecoStatistics

Drivers can quickly review their performance by selecting the ecoStatistics screen. It shows a summary of their notified events for the last trip, the day and in total. So they can see at a glance which areas they need to improve.

Simple OptiDrive indicators

Back in the office, it’s easy to see how each driver is performing on safety and eco-friendliness. The four events are shown using green, yellow and red icons, depending on the severity, and an overall OptiDrive value is calculated, You can interpret the data in seconds and decide if intervention is required.

Tailored to your needs

Pre-set figures are used to calculate the OptiDrive indicator. However, you can easily adjust the settings to reflect your particular concerns. For example, if you want to focus on fuel consumption, you can assign a greater weight to this element. You can then run a report for one or more drivers, or for the whole fleet.

Driving costs down

Fuel consumption and maintenance bills make up nearly 30% of the total costs of owning a vehicle*. Both factors are affected by driving style. A stable, fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient then speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic, for example. And aggressive driving results in greater wear and tear on a vehicle.

Independent tests have demonstrated that changing driving style can reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%**. Studies carried out by TomTom have shown that, for trips f less than 25km, these savings can be as much as 17%. Multiply these saving by the number of drivers you have on the road, and it’s easy to see how Active Driver Feedback could drive your costs down.

* Athlon Car Lease, total cost of ownership average values, February 2011:
Depreciation 40%, Fuel 19%, Insurance 11%, Maintenance 10%, Tax 7%, Interest 7%, Other 6%.

** Frost & Sullivan, Essential European Fleet Management, February 2010

Reducing your carbon footprint

It’s simple. As soon as your fuel consumption goes down, so will your carbon footprint. By encouraging your drivers to adopt a more fluid driving style, Active Driver Feedback can help you realise your green ambitions.

The benefits of running an eco-friendly operation are clear. Companies making the effort to reduce fuel consumption will find it easier to remain competitive as fuel costs rise. They are more likely to attract customers wanting to work with energy-concious suppliers. And they’re heading in the direction that legislation will force the rest to go. So whatever the size of your operation, it makes sense to go green, and sooner rather than later.

Available with TomTom WORKsmart™

TomTom’s WORKsmart™ fleet management solutions make it easy to manage every aspect of your mobile businsess. The new Active Driver Feedback feature and WEBFLEET OptiDrive™ is available in selected TomTom WORKsmart solutions:

Functionality differs per chosen hardware selection:

  • Active Driver Feedback is available on the PRO 7xxx series (7 thousand)
  • Idling, steering and breaking notifications require a TomTom LINK 300/310/510
  • Fuel efficiency notification requires TomTom ecoPLUS
  • What works for you?

    We would be happy to advise you on the right combination of WORKsmart products for your particular business requirements and fleet size. Just head over to our Contact Page or Click Here to Email our team directly.

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