Five Things To Measure In Your Vehicle Fleet

There are no hard and fast rules about how companies should use fleet management systems but best practices can be applied in several key areas to realise their full potential.

The latest technology is capable of providing insight into a huge range of fleet activities, each impacting on different areas of a business for the achievement of specific strategic goals.

When asking which elements of fleet data are most important, an organisation must also ask what its priorities are. For most, saving money tends to be top of the list, but a focus in this area will also achieve a host of knock-on benefits.

Cost savings are achieved through efficiency gains, primarily by improving driver behaviour to encourage more efficient performance and boost MPG. This, in turn, will also result in reduced maintenance costs and cheaper insurance premiums through improved safety.

Here we give you five of the most important things to measure in your fleet – mpg, speeding, driving style, idling and routing efficiency – to achieve fundamental organisational change.


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