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Installing the WEBFLEET® tracking system to our fleet 36 months ago was one of the best one off investments we’ve ever undertaken in over 21 years of trading for the following reasons:

    • It has allowed us to keep an instant & recorded location of all vehicles, + mind boggling data;
    • It brought to our attention fuel fraud in one vehicle in particular (we had a van doing 9mpg according to the mpg data);
    • It solved a situation where one vehicle reversed into another vehicle in a pub car park where a registration number was only partially taken, & no one would admit being there;
    • We now have a prize for fuel efficient driving, which more than pays for itself & the fleet is replaced now 1 year later than normal as it’s driven with more care;
    • As a means of transport management it really is a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned;
    • Easily fitted & maintained.

    Dylan Burgess
    Herron Windows (UK) LTD

    Herron windows

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