Mileage Log

Writing down your mileage log by hand comes with many problems: it’s inconvenient; it’s time consuming; and inaccurate mileage logs can lead to administrative errors that effect your tax compliance, management reporting and claims reimbursement.

Research suggests that paper-based mileage logs waste a significant amount of working time every month. If you’re a business owner or financial director, you’ll be alarmed to hear that more than half of all drivers (54%) spend more than two hours per month preparing their mileage log.

WEBFLEET® Logbook however, solves these problems by automating the entire process.

TomTom WEBFLEET® Logbook:

  • Is a quick and easy way to log your mileage
  • Makes entering your destination faster by offering helpful suggestions
  • Uses data from past trips to improve its suggestions
  • Is a highly accurate, automated mileage log
  • Records all journeys automatically through the LINK 510 vehicle tracking device
  • Offers insightful and clear management reporting
  • In addition to clearly presented mileage logs, you’ll benefit from reports on trips, time spent on location and driving behaviour.

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