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There are a number of useful features we have incorporated into AllOnMobile. Here is a summary of what is currently available:

The Bridge – Supplementary to Web Services Interface

AllOnMobile has been designed to integrate with existing back office applications via web services thereby eliminating the need to use other systems to manage your mobile work force. However, as standard we provide an administrators web portal called ‘The Bridge’ which can be used to manage your mobile users, allocate jobs and also create job templates. All data can be exported if required and uploaded to other systems.

Standard Fields

AllOnMobile comes with an assortment of data fields which you can use to create job templates used by officers in the field.Android 4

  • Work / Custom location
  • Radio lists, Check Lists & Dropdown lists
  • Free text fields = read only and editable
  • Date and Time
  • Navigation links for Google, TomTom, NavFree and Waze
  • Dividers with titles
  • Signatures, Barcodes
  • Photo / Video
  • Action buttons
  • Attachments


AllOnMobile is available for Apple iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone. You can also use AllOnMobile on Samsung Android devices like the Galaxy S4 phone or Galaxy Tab range of tablets.


You will be able to send and receive jobs in many languages. Languages include French, German, Spanish and Italian to name just a few. Multi-lingual support will be available from late 2013.


AllOnMobile has a built-in geo–intelligence feature which is available for all jobs that need completing out in the field. You can use this geo–intelligence element to ensure you get an accurate reading of where the data has been captured or you can use it to navigate to the work location. We have also integrated some services with TomTom WEBFLEET to provide extra functionality.

Photo Capture

Providing your mobile device has a camera, you will be able to capture photographs and attach them to any job with comments and each image will be tagged with the date and time. This will eliminate the need to invest in cameras and save considerable time by not having to travel back to the office to export photos.

Video Capture

You can record video with AllOnMobile with each clip lasting for a maximum of 30 seconds. As with photos, the video is tagged with date and time. Video capture can be very useful for security and emergency service personnel. The format of the video is MP4.

Signature Capture

This function eliminates the need to invest in additional expensive hardware by allowing your workers in the field to capture signatures using their touch screen devices. This feature is almost a standard requirement in every industry.

Barcode & QR Scanning

You can scan barcodes and QR codes with your mobile device providing it has an built-in camera. The formats supported are UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13 and QR Code.


You may attach a PDF document or a PNG image to any job. Each attachment is limited to 1MB which is more than sufficient for any ‘terms & conditions’ you may wish to include with any job that requires a signature acceptance.

Offline Working and Navigation

Offline navigation has been integrated to the AllOnMobile service via the NavFree app which we recommend is installed alongside the AllOnMobile app. Once jobs are downloaded to the mobile device, you no longer require any network coverage to view, edit or complete any job and you can also use the offline navigation integration to travel to the work location. As soon as you connect to a 3G/4G or WiFi network, all of your completed jobs are submitted and subsequently update your back office systems.

TomTom Integration

The WEBFLEET service from TomTom is a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) offering which talks to the in-vehicle equipment via the Vodafone mobile network. AllOnMobile has a “Tunnel” direct to WEBFLEET to allow the two offerings to communicate seamlessly. This integration allows for added enhancements such as data collection such as signatures, barcode scanning and photo and video recording. Within the AllOnMobile app client, users are also able to request information from the WEBFLEET service such as ‘Find my Nearest’, ‘Navigate to a job’ (using either the mobile device or send directly to a TomTom head unit) and ‘receive/create service updates’.

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