Any business with vehicles, no matter what its fleet size, can benefit by using TRACKER. Our products can protect your assets in the event of a theft, and our fleet tracking solutions give you all the information you need to save time and money, increasing customer satisfaction and giving your business a competitive edge.

How TRACKER works

Fitting and using TRACKER tracking technology couldn’t be easier:

If your vehicle is stolen

In the event of a theft you should contact the police and TRACKER. Once we have the crime reference number, we will activate the tracking unit to begin transmitting a unique signal that can be traced by police to help them find your vehicle. Some TRACKER products are automatically triggered by unauthorised movement of your vehicle; in this case we would contact you to confirm it has been stolen before activating the tracking unit.

Finding your vehicle

TRACKER uses VHF tracking technology to generate signals that can transmit clearly even through steel containers or from underground car parks. The police will use the signals to accurately locate your vehicle and recover it fast. Our TRACKER Locate and TRACKER Plant products can also make use of the TRACKER Mesh Network. TRACKER also use GSM and GPS technology in a range of TRACKER products, alongside our patented VHF tracking technology.

Europe-wide coverage

It is common for thieves to try and smuggle stolen vehicles out of the country but as TRACKER operates across Europe* your asset can be located and recovered even if it has crossed The Channel.

Getting your vehicle back

Vehicles can be recovered and returned to you from anywhere across the UK. We can even offer a guard service to stay with your vehicle until it is returned to your destination of choice. For vehicles recovered in Europe, TRACKER has partners that can organise repatriation at an additional cost.

*See product information for details of European coverage

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