Stolen asset recovery

Vehicle theft is on the increase; every hour 12 vehicles are stolen from somewhere in England and Wales, that’s one every five minutes!* That’s why it’s more important than ever to protect your vehicles with a stolen vehicle recovery system that is reliable and effective.

TRACKER has led the way in stolen vehicle recovery solutions for almost 20 years and we are still the only provider working in partnership with the entire UK police force, giving you access to an unrivalled network of police support to locate your vehicle in the event of a theft.

Our stolen vehicle tracking units use cutting edge technology to recover vehicles fast, often within hours, and now the TRACKER Mesh Network creates even more opportunities for stolen vehicles to be identified and located.

By using our unique VHF (Very High Frequency) technology TRACKER units can even overcome potential problems such as concealment and use of GPS/GSM (Global Positioning System/Global System for Mobile Communications) signal jammers to successfully locate stolen vehicles.

TRACKER is approved by Thatcham and recommended by major insurers reducing your insurance premiums.

*Source: Radio Research from Home Office, on behalf of TRACKER

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