roadhawk-hd-frontThe RoadHawk HD is currently the most powerful forward facing black box camera available in the world.

  • 1080p 720p 30/60fps
  • Ultra Low Light Sensor
  • Image Stabilisation
  • MAC/PC Software
  • SDXC 64gb compatible
  • 5hz GPS (5 times faster)
  • Ext. GPS Antenna
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Designed in the UK!

Protect yourself against increasing crash for cash fraudulent claims.

The Benefits of RoadHawk

  1. Protect your no claims discount!
  2. Continue to drive on the roads in the knowledge that you are armed with TEDR (Total Event Data Recorders) at your window.
  3. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES! Pay once for a stand alone unit car black box recorder.
  4. Drastically reduce overall running costs for your fleet and ensure your drivers are behaving as they should be, reducing litigation costs.
  5. Works anywhere in the world using accurate GPS.



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