TomTom ecoPlus™


Protecting the bottom line and environmental impact of today’s mobile business

TomTom ecoPLUS™


Reduce Fuel Consumption

With ecoPLUS™ you get real-time view of the fuel efficiency of every vehicle in your fleet, also showing where and when the fuel was wasted.

Cut Idling Time

Fuel costs represent a major part of your expenses, did you know that a significant amount of fuel is consumed when a vehicle is idling? ecoPLUS™ helps you cut idling time.

Manage Your Carbon Footprint

As environmental regulations tighten, the race is on for companies to prove their Corporate Social Responsibility by lowering their CO² emissions ecoPLUS™ helps you achieve that, this isn’t just good for the environment it can also benefit your bottom line.

It’s extremely easy to install


Takes information directly from the vehicle

– Fuel consumption
– Carbon footprint
– Idling

Works with a wide variety of vehicles
  • passenger cars and LCVs after 2000, HGV after 2004
  • Plugged into the OBDII diagnostic port
  • Bluetooth connection to TomTom LINK
  • all OBD-II/EOBD compliant vehicles
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