Driver Safety


Less Distractions

Assist your drivers by removing stressful situations by using Worksmart™ Safety. The innovative TomTom PRO navigation device features a host of tools, from advanced lane guidance when tackling tricky junctions, text to speech software for spoken job instructions and messages and voice recognition for inputting addresses.

Safer Driving

Drivers get real-time reminders that encourage safer driving, by issuing a warning for harsh steering, sudden braking or speeding, as an Active Driver Feedback flashes an alert on the TomTom Pro screen.

Easy readable data can be viewed in seconds back in the office showing the performance of each driver. This covers safety and eco friendliness, providing you with an overall OptiDrive value for each driver. Events are highlighted in green, yellow and red icons, depending on the severity and overall drive, giving you the power to implement new schemes/deal with concerns as they arise. That’s the power of using With WORKsmart™ fleet management.

Drive Time

TomTom fleet management give your instant access to the working hours of any one of your drivers. As a business you need to ensure that all drivers DO NOT exceed the legal safe driving time behind the wheel. Particularly where truck drivers are concerned it’s important that every minute is accounted for WORKsmart™-Safety transmits the truck’s tachograph data directly to WEBFLEET® in real time.

Vehicle Maintenance

The WORKsmart™-Safety, live odometer data from vehicle is imported into your maintenance scheduling programmes, so that the correct service requirements for each vehicle can be carried on precisely.

WORKsmart™-Safety can assist your drivers when out on the road and away from the business. There are many ways to create your own WORKsmart™-Safety solution. Contact Telematics Uk today to discuss your requirements.

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