Improve Driver Behaviour


Provide yourself or your drivers with the tools to enable them to drive safer and more efficiently using real time driver behaviour feedback.  View data on a single drive or the whole fleet.

Active Driver Feedback

This gives drivers the ability to view live feedback, using the TomTom PRO device. Get real-time alerts on screen indicating driving events and fuel efficient driving styles.

Driving events Notified:

  • Wasted fuel due to idling
  • Actual fuel consumption and fuel efficiency
  • Speeding
  • Harsh steering, sudden breaking and over revving

Cost Efficient

With rising fuel costs and maintenance bills for vehicles, driving styles can greatly effect both of these and can make up to nearly 30% of the total cost of owning a vehicle. Steady, fluid driving is far more efficient than heavy stop start driving in heavy traffic and aggressive driving can contribute to the faster wear and tear of a vehicle.


Assist your drivers by removing stressful situations by using Worksmart™ Safety. The innovative TomTom PRO navigation device features a host of tools, from advanced lane guidance when tackling tricky junctions, text to speech software for spoken job instructions and messages and voice recognition for inputting addresses.


Easy readable data can be viewed in seconds back in the office showing the performance of each driver. This covers safety and eco friendliness, providing you with an overall OptiDrive value for each driver. Events are highlighted in green, yellow and red icons, depending on the severity and overall drive, giving you the power to implement new schemes/deal with concerns as they arise.

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