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TomTom devices are the perfect choice for professional navigation, helping drivers to travel from one customer to the next safely, reliably and in the best possible time. Your workforce will spend less time on the road, and more time with customers, thanks to our unique navigation technology. There is no other fleet management supplier that can deliver you up to 18% less time on the road for each of your drivers. Heres why:

  • Maps
  • You can be assured that each device comes with the most up-to-date version, thanks to our latest map guarantee. You can download daily corrections from the TomTom Map Share community. And because the roads are constantly changing, we release completely new versions of our maps 4 times a year.

  • IQ Routes
  • TomTom’s IQ Routes technology uses a database of real driving times to calculate the fastest route for the time of day, anywhere you go. It factors in the traffic lights, roundabouts and other obstacles along the way to provide a realistic ETA.

  • Award winning navigation
  • In 2004 TomTom launched the world’s first personal navigation device. They’re easy to use, straight out of the box. They’re packed with features to improve driver safety, such as advanced lane guidance and spoken navigation instructions. Helping you to arrive stress-free in the best possible time.

  • WORKsmart™ fleet management
  • Our PRO series navigation devices are so much more than a Satnav device. They can be part of our fleet management solution enabling all the other WORKsmart™ functionalities like job dispatch and time management.

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