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Our fleet management system is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution. This means:Our fleet management system is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution. This means:


 Zero Installation Time
Choose our SaaS fleet management software and you’ll waste no time on installation. In fact, you’ll be online within 24 hours
Flexible Fleet Management
Manage your vehicles from anywhere with TomTom’s flexible fleet management system. All you need is an Internet connection
Save On Software Costs
There’s no need to install expensive new software because TomTom’s fleet management system is a SaaS solution – all you need is a modern Flash-supported internet browser
Your Data Is Secure
  • Your fleet management software can be accessed securely online, allowing you to view all your data and reports safely from any internet-connected device
  • Each user has his or her own secure personal ID and password
Compatible With All Computers
You can use WEBFLEET® on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems
Updates Itself
We’re continuously improving our fleet management systems, and because we provide WEBFLEET® as an SaaS solution, you receive all the newest features automatically
Seamless Integration
It’s simple to integrate the TomTom fleet management system with your existing software and applications, so you benefit from having a single comprehensive, fully-connected fleet and workforce management solution


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