Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Savings

Rising oil prices can be a real drain on resources. Responding to this pressure, TomTom’s vehicle tracking systems help you to save fuel and cut costs. From optimising individual driving behaviour to monitoring efficiency across the fleet, our vehicle tracking systems give you all the tools you need to generate instant fuel savings.

Fuel Efficiency Management Tools

With TomTom WEBFLEET® you can measure the fuel efficiency of an individual driver or the entire fleet with the help of clear online dashboards and reports. You can also analyse details of their driving behaviour with the TomTom OptiDrive indicator. This level of insight gives you greater control and enables you to start making fuel savings – once you can see where idling, speeding and harsh braking is wasting fuel, you can act fast to reduce your spend.

Empower Your Drivers To Save Fuel

You can enjoy even more fuel savings if your drivers use TomTom professional navigation devices with your vehicle tracking system. The devices use IQ Routes and HD Traffic to find the quickest routes, avoid traffic jams and prevent inefficient stop-start driving. They also help each driver to adopt a more fuel-efficient driving style by providing real-time Active Driver Feedback on speeding, over steering, harsh braking and engine idling.

Driver Benefits

But the key point to stress is that all of our solutions are designed to make life easier for your drivers. Once they’re benefiting from written job instructions, hassle-free navigation and hands-free communications, they will appreciate the difference it makes to their day. And they will be the first to thank you for your investment in TomTom vehicle tracking technology.


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