Vehicle Tracking and Privacy



No-one likes feeling they’re being watched. Employees – and those representing them – will often express concerns about the privacy of vehicle tracking solutions. These concerns are taken seriously, and so, TomTom have developed their products accordingly. Each product ensures the privacy of your data while delivering real benefits to your drivers. It’s why our vehicle tracking solutions are used and trusted by more than 300,000 professional drivers.

Privacy, Secure Data and Vehicle Tracking

Keeping your data safe is our top priority. Information can only be accessed through the TomTom WEBFLEET® application with a registered account name, user name and password. As the administrator of your company’s account, you can easily restrict the information each user can access on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Privacy Assured

Your drivers will have full control of their personal privacy. Once they’re off duty, they just switch to ‘private’ mode on their TomTom professional navigation device. The vehicle tracking function is then disabled, and they can go about their personal business.

Driver Benefits

The key point to stress is that all of these solutions are designed to make life easier for your drivers. Once they’re benefiting from written job instructions, hassle-free navigation and hands-free communications, they will appreciate the difference it makes to their day.


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