Vehicle Tracking Reports

Vehicle tracking monitors when, where, and how your vehicles are being used. We’ll provide you with an extensive range of vehicle tracking reports so that you can use this information to improve processes, increase efficiency and drive down spend on fuel.

What data is monitored?

  • Trip data

TomTom vehicle tracking reports give you access to real-time and historical trip data on start and end time, location, distance, duration and standstill time. This will help you to plan and timetable more efficiently, manage payroll, spot problems early and send the closest team to each new job in order to minimise on mileage.

  • Vehicle data

You can also get vehicle data on fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, and driving events such as harsh braking, speeding and idling. This information highlights problematic driving styles, helping you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and fuel costs, and keep your drivers safe on the road.

How is information reported?

  • Clear vehicle tracking dashboard

Trip and vehicle data from your fleet is neatly presented in a graphic dashboard on TomTom WEBFLEET®. This gives you a visual representation of KPIs affecting your service levels, productivity and costs so that you can quickly see what’s going on and where there’s room for improvement. It lets you set benchmarks for each KPI and assess individual and group performance against them.

  • Detailed vehicle tracking reports

We can generate accurate and reliable logbook and vehicle tracking reports on a range of criteria such as business vs. private miles, driving times, fuel usage and standstill time. Schedule regular reports to help with tax returns, or get reports on demand to assess fuel efficiency. You can even export the data files into your payroll and other applications to save time on admin and make your processes run smoother.


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